Proactive Defense:  The Imperative Role of VAPT in Modern Security

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a comprehensive cybersecurity approach designed to identify, evaluate, and address vulnerabilities within an organization’s IT infrastructure. It is an umbrella term that combines two distinct but interrelated processes to improvise the overall security posture. Through the integration of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, VAPT can offer you a […]

DLP Strategy: The Approach 

As an IT Manager, here are some pointers for you to keep a check on your organisation’s DLP strategy. 1.Education and Training: Implement consistent training initiatives to inform staff members of best practices for data security. Ensure they are aware of the effects of data breaches and how they can help prevent them. 2. Clearly defined […]

Data Loss Prevention – A Strategic Approach

In our previous article we introduced the of Data Loss Prevention. We elaborated on how it is a set of strategies, tools, and practices designed to prevent the unauthorized or accidental disclosure of sensitive information or data from an organization. Today, we will look at DLP from a strategic point of view. The DLP strategy […]

Data Migration and Implementation.

In today’s data-driven world, when businesses are evolving and growing, data migration is a crucial procedure. Effective data migration is crucial to guarantee that important data is saved and accessible, whether you are migrating data to a new system, upgrading your infrastructure, or consolidating databases. It is essential to adhere to data migration best practices […]


SEPTEMBER 2023 Dear Readers, Welcome to the September edition of Patr.   In this edition, we have shared insights on the critical journey of data migration in modern tech, including upgrades, database shifts, storage transitions, and cloud adoption. As we celebrate Independence Day, NXIT proudly highlights our contributions to a digitally empowered India. Explore our commitment […]

NOYB sues US company TeleSign over secretly profiling phone users allegations

The European Centre for Digital Rights (NOYB) filed a complaint on 23 June against TeleSign, a US company for secretly profiling millions of mobile phone users. Belgian newspaper ‘Le Soir’ revealed in March 2022 that, Telesign was receiving data from the Belgian interconnection service provided, BICS, to create profiles of millions of phone users worldwide. TeleSign […]

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